Sunday, January 9, 2011

Watch iPhone Suppliers on Verizon/Apple Announcement

AAPL- intraday look at the action post WSJ story announcement on Fri after the close looks like 340 coming Monday. Below are some iPhone suppliers who may react to the VZ/AAPL announcement. *If any of these names are incorrectly associated with the iPhone please feel free to correct me. Thank you.

BRCM- makes the touch screen control chip. Stock has put in a nice intraday rounded base now above 20EMA, bullish MACD cross setting up, 20/50MA cross setting up.

SWKS- hard to buy this straight up stock if you want to get in could try as close as possible to the 20EMA and stop out if it loses it

MRVL- produces the WiFi chip. The stock is at top of channel threatening to B/O of down channel TL res, bullish MACD cross setting up, semi's have been relatively strong lately. INTC reports Thursday so careful holding through their earnings.

LPL- long-term wedge forming, watch for a push above 18.5 on vol into thinner air

TQNT- hard to get into a good R/R here. Could try a B/O above Fri's hi 13.75 w/ a stop below Fri's low 13.08 but not sure where a good target would be.

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