Sunday, January 2, 2011

Momo leaders (analysis)

Here's a look at some of the momo leaders while commodities (fiat currency devaluation), energy (especially oil) & ag's look hot while some tech namely cloud & internet looking a little weak & tired. 

Casinos staged a strong Friday move. 

A lot of financial names appear to be setting up for higher moves (GS, JPM, AIG, WFC, BAC, C, BLK, MS, etc..). 

Watch for sector rotation and a possible run into Alcoa's earnings (AA) next Monday 01/10/11 which kicks off earnings season.

AAPL (tech, retail)
AMZN (tech, online retail)
BIDU (tech, China internet)
  CRM (tech, cloud)
FFIV (tech, cloud)

GLD (commodity)
 GS (financial)
 GOOG (tech, internet)
LVS (casino)
OIH (oil, service)
PCLN (tech, online travel service)

 NFLX (online streaming movies & DVD rental)
SLV (commodity)
WLT (oil, service)
 WYNN (Casino)

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