Wednesday, January 5, 2011

01/05/11: Day Trading Review (AKAM, APKT, LVS, WYNN, AGU)

Today's action/analysis: Caught a few nice scalps today but missed most of the trends in most of the stocks I was in. I was caught completely off guard by the blowout jobs report which sent the market trending for the open and showed strength all day. Even though I've been able to have gains for the past 3 days it feels like I've lost money from being too uninvolved and underweight in my portfolio.  For the past few days my belief that the market is way too over-extended has mentally blocked and biased my interpretation of the bullish intraday price action. I am nowhere near my "zone". Right now I'm playing conservative protection first and offense second. 

**The great swell we're getting this week in SoCal is also acting as a constant distraction. Focus Daniel Son. :-)

Win Rate: 90%
ROI Losers: -33¢
ROI Winners: 29.00¢
R/R: .87






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