Thursday, January 6, 2011

01/06/11: Day Trading Review (DANG & RIMM)

Action/Analysis: not going to cover every trade I made today and just stick my main winner DANG for 64c. Once again left a lot on the table but would've been shaken out on a break of that TL sup. 

I didn't have too many losers and kept my stops tight. My biggest loser was RIMM when it temporarily lost 60 and hit out for a 17c loss. BUT the biggest miss came when I did not get back in once the stock popped off 60 to over 62 later in the day. So the RIMM miss was painful and should serve as a case study for a stock that was super strong the day before, faded at the open, came down to a key level from the previous day and the machines were turned on and kept the stock trending higher all day up to the previous day's high, basically a 2 pt loss.



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