Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Swing Watchlist 042511-042911

 "I could go at anytime." ~Arnie from What's Eating Gilbert Grape"

*These are not in alphabetical order and please excuse any shorthand and grammatical errors.

APKT- Reports 4/26/11 A/H. Expecting a possible push into earnings and if other tech earnings are any indication think we may see more strength post-earnings. Still holding my vertical bull call spread which I sold half for +50%. Still holding last half.

ANF- Tried to push & hold above 70 on Friday but failed and fell back into top half of consolidation range or bull flag. Looks like B/O is coming soon and the longer this thing bases out the more bullish my upside target becomes. Looking at May OTM calls or 72.5/75 call spread. Reports 5/17/11 P/M.

AEM- Broke TL on Thursday and ran into 23.6% Fib Ret resistance. Like getting involved on a dip to 5/8 EMA or even 20MA. Upside targets would be 72.5 or 38.2% Fib Ret (like how these things perfectly line up sometimes). Looking at May 72.5 call option.

BSFT- broke out of down channel on the daily, now above all MA's. Bullish volume pattern, all indicators (Stoch, OBV, RSI, Stoch RSI) are supporting higher prices. MACD rounding up and beginning to converge. Like this on a dip to 45-44.5 with probably a 1 pt stop. Looking for 50+. Reports 5/9/11 P/M

IMAX- Reports 4/28/11 P/M. Watch for pre-run and/or post-run.

JDSU- Held the 18 pinned at 20 on Friday. Watching for a dip to 20MA or 19'ish with a stop below 18. Would luv to see this base down here in a Stage 2 accumulation for a while between 18-20 setting up for another leg up. Looking for top of TL or 38.2% Fib around 21. All indicators beginning to turn up. Reports 5/4/11 A/H.

GRMN- Nice long-term bullish consolidation flag inside a desc tri. BB are getting super tight with 5/8/20/50 MA's all converging. Expecting a break from this tight pattern soon. The short interest would probably mean a nice run when it goes. All indicators beginning to wake up also. But if it fails probably want to take off quickly because it could fall back down to TL support which is a ways away. Reports 5/4/11 P/M.

GPOR- PD&C (Pop Drop & Chop) pattern. Holding above 50MA in this base. May nibble on a drip to 32 with a stop around 30 and then add on a push above 34 or the 20MA. Stoch & MACD starting to turn up. Reports 5/5/11 P/M.

FNSR- Possible gap fill still on deck. Reports 5/9/11 A/H.

IPCM- Nice bullish base on the 20MA with 50MA as solid support. RSI is a bit concerning but Stoch and MACD seem to be turning up. Watching... Reports 4/27/11 A/H.

MSM- Like this rounded base above the 20MA.Stoch and Stoch RSI starting to show an upturn in momentum. Setting alert for 71 right at the top of the base. Looking to get in around 71-70 with a stop below 69.51. Reports 5/30/11 P/M.

RAX- Thursday's inverted hammer candle looked a little portentous but Friday's candle completely countered that. If this B/O holds think this new trend is just getting started. Think this sees 50 soon. I already have a bull May vertical call spread but will probably trade stock on any B/O above 44.88 with the short interest pointing to an upcoming explosion move. Reports 5/09/11 A/H.

RBCN- This chop below 28.5 had me concerned as well as the ridonculous short float but after seeing the weekly I'm more bullish but may look towards options to play the possible wild swings in this consolidation base. Reports 5/5/11 A/H.

RBCN Weekly shows the Cup & Handle

SGG- Been stalking this down channel for a while. Still watching... Sugar futures show a gap to fill.


SOHU- Reports Monday 5/25/11 P/M.

WFMI- Foodie stocks continue to hold up as CMG despite not so hot earnings held the 20MA as well as MCD. This hippie turned yuppie market leader looks poised. Looks like 70 is coming out of this 5 point base. Looking for a dip to 5/8 EMA or even 20MA around 65. Reports 5/04/11 A/H.

WLL- Like this on a dip to 70 or bottom of TL support with a tight stop. Could fall to 50MA and still technically be in an uptrend. Stoch & MACD starting to turn up while RSI is flattening out. Reports 4/27/11 A/H.

*This list was compiled on 5/22/11.

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