Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fate is forcing me to focus on trading

Fate is forcing me to focus on trading.

As soon as I heard the crack of my shoulder against a shallow sandbar I knew that I was going to be relegated to a less joyous restrictive lifestyle, at least for a while. Until that point I had never broken a bone or undergone any sort of injury so my first predictable reaction was denial. As a glass is half empty person I spent a week dwelling on the things I would not be able to do.  

Ironically my Great Aunt who broke her shoulder from a bad fall a few weeks earlier was being released from the hospital. So being unable to do anything but relax and heal (thank goodness trading is a minimal physical activity) I was volunteered by my family to move in and watch over my frail Aunt.

Seems like fate was using these 2 auspicious events to force me to recommit myself to trading. I no longer have any excuses for not devoting more time toward preparation, homework, review, reading, etc...  Not to say that I wasn't putting in enough time before but I had become a bit complacent and had lost my forward momentum. I was looking for inspiration to rededicate myself I now have it. 

Now that I'm on the cusp of middle age I am finding it is more difficult to "find" consistent sustainable inspiration. When I was a kid and throughout my 20's I had no issues with dedication and discipline (at least that's how I remember it). Today I often feel less grounded in my pursuits than I did in my early years. This could be a result of constant self-analysis, awareness, etc... always trying to gauge "where I'm at" so drowning down the noise is a crucial skill I've had to work on. The goal is to sustain a Kobe Bryant or Peyton Manning work ethic (whether this is over-glorified or not doesn't matter it's the dedication & drive).

Here is an inspirational example of Kobe Bryant who stayed around to practice his shot after the humiliating loss to Miami: 

A piece on Peyton Manning's well respected work ethic:

Now I have this time period documented for posterity.

*My Orthopedic doctor actually took pics of the surgery but I'll spare everyone the horror show.

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